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We Have 55+ Years of Engineering Experience

C-LEC, established in 1968 and headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This company is renowned for its development and introduction of Rexolite®, a unique plastic material noted for its exceptional features such as high dielectric strength, low loss tangent, and superior machinability.


Reason for Choosing Us

C-LEC excels with its advanced engineering material and technology, outstanding customer service and dedication to innovation, emphasizing a solid commitment to fulfilling customer needs and expectations.

Highly Professional & Qualified Staff

Guidance through every step of the development process, providing expertise support to ensure project success, from initial concept to final implementation.

Industry Leader and Innovator

A top manufacturer committed to continuously adopt advanced technologies and material for plastic processing and design.

100% Eco Friendly Environment

Commitment to environmental awareness fosters sustainable actions, benefiting both nature and future generations globally.


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