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High Voltage
High Performance

Rexolite® 1422

A Unique Cross-Linked Polystyrene Microwave Plastic

Rexolite is a unique thermoset with excellent dielectric properties, highly transparent and stable across a wide temperature range.  

Revolutionize High-Frequency Applications

Superior Material Qualities

Unmatched Precision and Stability

High Voltage and High Performance


Preferred Choice in Various Industries  


Unique Properties Suitable for Diverse Applications


Years Leading in High Performance Plastics

C-LEC Plastics

Innovator and Leader in the Plastics Industry 

C-LEC’s expertise extends to a broad spectrum of services in the specialized plastic materials sector, encompassing everything from custom made fabrication to the distribution of high-performance plastics.

Since its development, Rexolite® has found applications in a variety of fields, including electronics, telecommunications, and aerospace, due to its unique set of properties.


Industries Served


Enhances military operations by providing advanced lightweight, durable materials for the construction of aircraft and communication and high-precision radar systems in challenging environments.


Rexolite aids aerospace by providing high-strength, lightweight components for advanced electronics, radomes, and satellite systems, ensuring reliability and efficiency in extreme conditions.


Boosts communication with dielectric properties and durability, enhanced high frequency signal clarity in electronics like antenna radomes, microwave lenses, and waveguide components.


Rexolite aids healthcare with high-precision, radiation-transparent components for diagnostic imaging and advanced medical electronic equipment.


Rexolite supports scientific research with precise, durable materials for advanced laboratory equipment and high-frequency electromagnetic wave experiments.


Offers exceptional insulating properties, durability, microwave transparency, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and ease of machining.

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